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Oh go on then

Oct. 29th, 2011 | 10:42 pm

1. Chloe
2. wyldflowa (online)
3. Pinky (childhood nickname)
4. Clo
5. Ben Citrine's sister (high school....)
6. Cat lady

1. Shirt
2. Pj bottoms
3. Multi-purpose house coat (is also a towel, oven gloves, dressing gown, general cleaning cloth, tissue/napkin, cat carrier, pin cushion, paintbrush dryer... it may also be a carrier vessel for the next big virus to wipe out humanity. This thing is minging however much I wash it)

1. Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle pony toys...
2. For this job to be done and the money in my bank
3. Food

1. I don't mind~ do it if you want~

1. Struggled to get rid of the smell of the worst smelling hair removal cream I've ever used
2. Was a cat
3. Put stray sweets in my mouth and instantly regretted it

1. Uuuuuh Laura is probably one of them
2. Anna I think
3. Jacob or Joe from uni

1. Work!
2. Snuggle Pippa
3. Have a bath

1. Chai tea latte
2. Mulled wine
3. Vimto
4. The lovely coffee flavoured milk shake they did in McDonalds in Italy... mmm......

1. When I got in Pippa was on my bed and started mewing with so much passion (she doesn't mew much) and was totally going crazy all over me aaawwww
2. Episode 16 of Mawaru Penguindrum
3. Some MS paint comics making fun of Mawaru Penguindrum

Pippa's New Diet - Part 1!

Apr. 12th, 2011 | 10:52 pm
location: United Kingdom, Cambridge, King's Hedges Rd, 105-147
mood: tired tired

I told myself that as soon as I got some money in I would begin feeding Pippa a better diet.

Until now she's been exclusively eating Whiskas, both wet and dry food; even her treats were Whiskas. After hearing a few pretty horrible horror stories of cats getting kidney stones and urinary tract infections as well as people saying things like cats get addicted to the additives in Whiskas... and even just looking at the ingredients in the food (typically 4% meat is not good for an animal that is supposed to have a 100% meat diet) put me off continuing to feed it to her. I also just felt she was a little listless. I know cats sleep a lot, but it's like she never fully wakes up. I'd expect it from an old cat, but she isn't even two years old. The only time she actually gets active is when running and hiding from something. I try and play with her but she plays for a little time (about a minute) before laying down and looking all exhausted. She's also had crappy dandruff recently. Not too bad, it only comes out when I groom her, but it's a quite significant amount. Looking it all up it seemed like a better diet would improve her condition.

So today I went out and bought some Hills Science Plan dry food for indoor cats... at near £14 for a 1.5kg bag it's a lot more expensive than Whiskas at about £5 for a 2kg bag... but I sucked it up. After reading up on it a lot I'd decided to feed Science Plan to her - partly because it was one of the few ranges that had a formula specifically for indoor kitties, but also because of many good reviews for it online. Pets at Home having a 3 for 2 offer was a bit of a bonus~! If she likes it a lot I may go in and stock up while the offer is on.
I fed her a 3/4 Whiskas, 1/4 Science Plan today as soon as I came in (got to change her diet gradually) - she had her little nose right in there as soon as I poured it in there so the flavour seems to be a hit! Usually she doesn't get so excited about being fed Whiskas - she just kinda... eats it. With this she seemed proper happy~
I don't know if it's just me but she's seemed brighter eyed all day - she came up to me and rather than just flop on my lap, she started playing with my dressing gown cord and my tablet pen! So lovely! And she hasn't been as jumpy when other people have been milling around in the rest of the house. She normally jumps and hides when people come to the door or even come down the stairs sometimes, but she's been very contented today - looking up, but not so much of her nervous scampering around.
I'll update with how she's progressing as time goes on~ But so far, so happy cat!
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Northern Shopping

Jan. 17th, 2011 | 06:24 pm
mood: content content

I went out shopping in Birkenhead today - holy hell! I didn't even manage to get past Marks and Spencers (the middle of town) before I had to turn back my bags were too heavy! That could have been the three pairs of shoes I bought... But I also had like, two dresses, three tops, a cardigan, a handbag, four necklaces, ten bracelets, about twenty sets of earrings (I'm not joking, mega amazing sale at Claires made me go crazy filling up my little basket) and uh, some socks. The style of people here is very different - stuff in the shops is more colourful, people dress more colourful - you don't have that boring beige/brown/black coat sea flowing through the streets like you do in Cambs. Peeps are more characterful. It's nice to see personalities walking around, something I've missed.

Stuff is so cheap, I think the people in cambs must scalp every shop for the best deals on Boxing day or something, but in Birko all the Christmas sale stuff marked down to 70% off in most places - people just don't have the money to buy things. I can't believe how different the attitude is here - we went for a meal and the set menu was £12.50 and that was "really expensive". Well, I can't believe how much MY attitude has changed since moving... A McDonald's meal used to be expensive to me, but now I'm so used to dropping random £20 on meals wherever McD's is a cheap snack. The job situation here is so dire. There are roads of boarded up shops and buildings just being knocked down because they haven't been occupied for years, leaving large swathes of wasteland here and there.

It's a sorry little town, but it is my home and I really don't think I'll feel as much at ease anywhere else but here. Just the friendliness of people... I got stopped in the street by someone just wanting to say how nice my coat was and asking where I got it, sales assistants smiling and making jokes (one was throwing my coat hangers around as she took them off my clothes for the other assistants to pick up, was hilarious XD)... You really don't seem to get that in the south, even through hard times they just keep a smile on and keep on trucking.


Jan. 14th, 2011 | 05:00 pm
location: Wirral
mood: amused amused

 Being with my family is making me realise where I manage to get a number of my problems from...!

We're going to go out to dinner tonight and oh lawd, the stress and the anxiety! I didn't know booking a table was so much stress! But it's funny because I used to stress like they're doing... but now I'm the one standing there going "Calm down, it won't be the end of the world if an extra person comes along". 

Mt little brother is freaking out cleaning himself and trying to decide what to wear, my older brother is running round trying to find out who's coming or not, my dad is also stressing cos he's the one who has to ring up and do the booking... I feel odd being the level-headed one. O.O

Kinda Resolutions~

Jan. 10th, 2011 | 01:07 pm
location: New corner of the room!
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Pippa purrs

Ahaha, was thinking just now about the things I'm changing in my life and figured it'd be best for me to write them down so I can always remind myself of the new direction I'm taking~ I'm gonna print them out and stick them above my desk so they're always THERE, in my face, to stop me from veering too far off the track. Not so much "new years resolutions", more like "new life resolutions". O_O; Hahaha cheeesy~ What would my life be without cheese? mmm cheese...


1. Stay in control - Don't let a bad mood, anxiety or something going wrong control your decisions. Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, sometimes you feel scared... there's not much that can be done about them so there's no point letting them get in the way of anything you do. Put your mind over your mind, control those negative feelings and continue.

2. Eat smaller meals - You don't need to be bursting full to have had a satisfying meal. Although it's tempting to eat one's fill when good food is on offer (and it's okay once in a while), it makes you feel lethargic and heavy. You should try and eat enough to satisfy then if you want more later on, get it.

3. Cut down on the animu - Read comics instead! Watching is so passive and uninspiring, actively reading gets your mind working and being able to soak in the artwork is stirring and makes you want to make your own! Anime is good every so often, but cut down from the 4 or so episodes a day as well as the two anime clubs you go to each week~ When you add up the hours there are far more productive things you could be doing.

4. Keep things tidy - Keep your room tidy and give everything a place. Wash the dishes as soon as you make them. Hoover and clean up more often. Wash your bloody bedsheets and towels you skank. You know you're sick of putting your feet down off the bed and landing in piles of clothes, paper and empty cups. And you know you're sick of losing things~ Put them somewhere safe that you can REMEMBER. Also, you got the biggest room in the house! Invite your housemates in! You don't do it because it's always an embarrassing mess, but you'd love to spend more time with them and not in the stinky cat litter lounge. XD

5. Be a good friend - Try and be there when you're needed and even when you're not. Let people know you want to be there for them and let them know how much you mean to them. You know you love it when your friends say how much they value you, they will love it equally when you tell them how precious they are to you. Stop being embarrassed! Caring is nothing to be ashamed of. You should be happy you have such wonderful friends that you care for so much.

6. Get dressed more often - Okay, you work from home. Okay, you're a student with lots of time off. But this is no excuse to be constantly in your pyjamas. Yes, they're comfy when you're sitting at the computer - but why not go buy some comfy non-pyjama clothes? The litmus test is if you wouldn't go the corner shop in them, then they're not proper clothes.

7. Dress better! - So you've realised that when you do get dressed shirts and jeans is a good combo, not too eye-catching as to warrant ill-meaning comments from passers by or stares... but it's boring, immature, ill-fitting and barely expresses your personality. You won't have this good body for long, enjoy it while you have it by dressing it nicely. And wear make up, you know it makes you feel more confident.

8. Exercise Pippa more - She's getting fat. Make that little monster run around a bit.

9. DRAW! - Especially when you're not getting paid! Remember those comic things? DO THEM. DO THEM NOW. Don't sit there and watch anime or BBC documentaries, stick on music and DRAW. You have such a rare and wonderful talent, why aren't you using it?

Just Curious~

Apr. 6th, 2010 | 06:45 pm
mood: chipper chipper

Ahaa, I'm quite a fan of these self-evaluating online tests. Although they carry relatively little weight in terms of telling you any information about yourself, I think they're kinda fun and can give you an insight into yourself. The "good" ones can anyway.

I've done quite a few Myers-Briggs type indicator tests and 9/10 I come out as INTP - one of the rarer personality types, especially for women. XD But reading up on it pretty much every aspect of the archetypal INTP rings true in my case. Seeing it written down like that has given me a much clearer view of myself and how people might consider some of my actions. Especially the way I reason and perceive things, which has always seemed a bit oddball compared to most. It's also going to boost the ego somewhat to be in the same group as Einstein and Darwin~ hoho~

Test yourself and tell me what you are~ I'm insatiably curious as to the MBTI results of the people around me~ X3 (If you want to know more about your type I recommend Googling it, that site doesn't give you much details~)

Room to rent! :D

Feb. 11th, 2010 | 05:43 pm

Looks like soon, for reasons that shall not be revealed as yet, we'll have to be looking for a new housemate here in Cambridgeland~ We're first going to try contacting you, our friends, for a potential new housemate before looking further afield.

So please, if you are interested or you know anyone nice, friendly, trustworthy, geeky, and most importantly a cat-lover, that may be interested in renting a room close to Cambridge city centre please get in touch with us for further details. :)


Jan. 17th, 2010 | 09:15 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy

Hehehehe~ typing this from my new laptop~ all seems to be going cool on it right now. Its a sizable 17 inches of wonder and fun. I'm still getting used to the keyboard and I need to install my tablet before I get annoyed at the touch pad (I was able to use a tablet perfectly immediately, but I seem to have touch pad dyslexia or something - I can't control this thing! How do people do it?!). I also gotta install Photoshit and various other legally sourced programs before the real fun can begin~!

I went to Liverpool this week to see the family. Everyone's doing great, it's so nice to see my brothers going to college and enjoying it. I was helping Adam do his maths while we were playing Soul Calibur 4 on the super big 40" HD TV they have there now ahahaa... it's like a total games room, a Wii and a 360 with a big couch and a big telly~ Well, it's like a gaming house! My brother wired up all the computers and the Xbox all together so it's a big huge mad network thing going on. It's so gooood. I went shopping in Birkenhead and really rather stood out in my new bright green coat. Forgot how little colour there is in that town. It's looking pretty tired these days. Lots of shops shutting down. The shops that were there had tons of sale stock still - so I had rich pickings~ Got some totally naff knitted vests and some bright pink jeans~ <3 And a ton of hilariously huge earrings ahaha. I spent near £20 and got so. Much. Stuff. I love the North and it's cheap.

Last night I was in Oxford for the birthday party of one of Fern's friends (well, my friend too, but Fern's friend first). Oh god I got so drunk. Ended up puking in the sink... until then it really was rather fun! The host was told (of me and Fern) "Your friends dress so interestingly!" XD I'm still feeling a bit rough in the stomach, but I think an omelette might fix it. Eggs are the wonder food for an iffy tummy.

I'm gonna get my tablet installed on this monster and maybe test it's power with a quick full resolution pic... ho ho. And I'll have Spotify and Skype and Explorer up and hopefully not 5 minute+ waiting times. I'm suspecting this baby darling computer might herald a sudden influx of Chloe Art... How wonderful! *_*

Five fe-e-e-eheds!!!

Dec. 7th, 2009 | 06:39 pm

On the twelfth day of Christmas, wyldflowa sent to me...
Twelve docks drumming
Eleven rocococious piping
Ten fuuringos a-leaping
Nine kiwichameleons dancing
Eight wm_sketchpads a-milking
Seven keds a-swimming
Six koalapuffs a-drawing
Five fe-e-e-eheds
Four mangazebras
Three comics
Two computer games
...and an anime in a soundslikebuuu.
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I can't breathe for laughing XD

(no subject)

Dec. 7th, 2009 | 06:37 pm

Stealed from wikivic~

In 2009, wyldflowa resolves to...
Go drawing three times a week.
Give some comics to charity.
Spend less time on manga.
Ask my boss for a music.
Eat more computer games.
Give up kiwichameleons.
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Spend LESS time on manga? Don't I spend too little on it as it is? ;_;